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BBot 10.78 / 10.78 iBot / ip changer 10.78 / Magebot 10.78 / Tibia Bot NG 10.78 / python 2.4.4 / Red Bot 10.78 / Tibia Auto 10.78 / 10.78 Cam Tibia / Tibia Maps 10.78 / 10.78 Tibia MC / Wind Bot 10.78 / XenoBot 10.78 /

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BBot 10.78 / 10.78 iBot / ip changer 10.78 / Magebot 10.78 / Tibia Bot NG 10.78 / python 2.4.4 / Red Bot 10.78 / Tibia Auto 10.78 / 10.78 Cam Tibia / Tibia Maps 10.78 / 10.78 Tibia MC / Wind Bot 10.78 / XenoBot 10.78 /

BBot Tibia 10.78 Download

-Bot BBot to Tibia is a very friendly appearance and powerful functionality. Currently, most bots collapsed, it has become the most powerful available for Tibia bot.
-No No such thing as undetectable bot, but in comparison with the competition DETECTION BBota is very baixa.BBot'a on the official forums, you read only 1-2% of users were banned BBot'a. probably
this was the fault of users, and not a bot. Bočić need to know how!

bbota options:

BBot Tools menu, BBot Tray Icon, BBot Smart Say, Open Backpacks, Drop Empty Vials, Eat Food, Fishing, XRay, Framerate Limit,
Reconnect, Save Server, Anti AFK Kick, Stack Items, Ammo Counter Screenshot Advancements and Death, [OT] Auto Change Gold,
Spells Timer, Timer Magic Wall, Estimated Creature Level, Advanced Skill Messages, Exp Statistics, Statistics Auto Show, Reset All Statistics
Protector, Low Health, Low Mana Potions Low, Low Soul, Low Capacity, 30 Secs Stopped, Elemental Damage, And many more ....



iBot Tibia 10.78 Download

IBOT is built on the basis of NeoBot, many of its features are similar and operate in a similar way to IBOT so one of the best bots.


- Simulate keystrokes and mouse clicks so that it is still free to use the mouse and keyboard.
- Built for simplicity and flexibility.
- Many ibot functions is implemented in the script, then you can simply enable scripting, but you can also customize them to suit your needs.
- Advanced looting system, you can select the items you want to collect and where you want to store them.

several options:

1.Player info - Player Info
2.Character info - Form Info
3. Status Log - Log State
4.Others Stuff - other things
5.Training Statistics - exp statistics.
6.Status Log Filter - State Log Filter
7.Monster Status - Info about the monster
8.Training Options - Options expienia
9.Monster List - Monsters list
10.Training Area - formation Arena
11.Skill List - list of skills
12.Attack Skill- attacking skills
13.E more



Tibia Multi IP Changer 8.60 - 10.78 Download

what IP Changer?
- IP Changer is free and requires no installation tool designed for people who play the game Tibia. The application is easy to use, making it less
experienced people should not have any problems using this program. IP Changer has the ability to connect to any server hosting Tibia, so called.
OTS (Open Tibia Server). The program also allows you to store in its database a list of IP addresses.

What to do to make it work ?!
- It's simple. Alikacje Just download, unzip it and urchomić. And in the window that we enter the IP address Otsa found on pages created for this purpose.

Which versions support Tibi?
The current version supports all version IP Changer Tibia client so now you do not have to collect a separate IP changer to the next version of the tibia.

[B] Versions supported: [/ b]
-Tibia 7.1; Tibia 7.2; Tibia 7:21; Tibia 7:26; Tibia 7:27; Tibia 7.3; Tibia 7.4; Tibia 7.5; Tibia 7:55; Tibia 7.6; Tibia 7.7; Tibia 7.8; Tibia 7.81; Tibia 7.92; Tibia 8.0;
Tibia 8.1; Tibia 8.2; Tibia 8:21; Tibia 8:22; Tibia 8:31; Tibia 8.4; Tibia 8:42; Tibia 8.5; Tibia 8:51; Tibia 8:52; Tibia 8:53; Tibia 8:54; Tibia 8:55; Tibia 8:57; Tibia
8.60; Tibia 8.62; Tibia 8.70; Tibia 8.71; Tibia 8.72; Tibia 9.0; Tibia 9.1; Tibia 9.2; Tibia 9.4; Tibia 9:41; Tibia 9:42; Tibia 9:43; Tibia 9:44; Tibia 9:45; Tibia 9:46;
Tibia 9.5; Tibia 9:51; Tibia 9:52; Tibia 9.53; Tibia 9:54; Tibia 9.60; Tibia 9.61; Tibia 9.62; Tibia 9.63; Tibia 9.70; Tibia 9.71; Tibia 9.80; Tibia 9.82; Tibia 9.85; Tibia
9.86; Tibia 9.91; Tibia 10:00; Tibia 10:01; Tibia 10:10; Tibia 10:20; Tibia 10:21; Tibia 10:22; Tibia 10:30; Tibia 10:31; Tibia 10:32; Tibia 10:33; Tibia 10:34; Tibia 10:35;
Tibia 10:36; Tibia 10:37; Tibia 10:38; Tibia 10:40; Tibia 10:41; Tibia 10:50; Tibia 10:51; Tibia 10:52; Tibia 10:53; Tibia 10:59; Tibia 10.60; Tibia 10.61; Tibia 10.62;
Tibia 10.64; Tibia 10.65; Tibia 10.70; Tibia 10.71; Tibia 10.72; Tibia 10.74; Tibia 10.75; Tibia 10.76; Tibia 10.77; Tibia 10.78 [New]



Magebot Tibia 10.78 Download

Magebot is the new retail client for the MMORPG Tibia program.
Created especially for the druid class and magician, but adapted to each class.
Please also note that due to recent anti-bot Cipsoft position taken by our software
It is the only officially licensed and recommended for OTServ.
Created especially for the druid class and magician, but adapted to each class. All features in detail can be
read on the feature page. Also note that due to recent anti-bot position made by the CIP,
Our software is the only officially licensed and recommended for Blacklist.

* Features AutoSSA better when treatment
* Speed ​​and improved reliability AutoLooter
* Heal Friend is always active after the verification is much faster
* Track and Chase shortcuts now work with the native client group and pursue the enemy
* Works with all camoflauge clothing and is faster
* Cavebot has a new prize to launch the first backpack in solo mode called DumpLoot
* Cavebot within the last bp bp bp mana floor as the new bishop of land. You do not need to change the Manas
20 bps when there EXTRA!



Tibia Bot Ng 10.78 Download

This is a mod client for Tibia

TibiaBot NG is a modification professionally crafted client for the massive multiplayer online
role playing game called Tibia. It is the first product around to offer the benefits of full
integration in the Tibia client, making any addition to it natural and powerful time.

Get TibiaBot NG and test it to see what it can do for you!

Here are some key features of "TibiaBot NG":

· Aim runes in battle window players.
· Attack combo, multiple players runes or arrows at a single player at the same time.
· Quick automatic Maos.
· Automatic fishing with fish stacking.
· Automatic healing with spells or runes.
· Automatic logout with buddylist when Player / GM detected or moved.
· Automatic Drinker mana.
· Automatic script based responder.
· Battle and healing hotkeys.
· Intensity of customizable light.
· Display player guild, vocation, level and max / current hp underneath name.
· Full light all the time with one button.
· Macro Recorder for custom actions.
· Multi-level cavebot with customizable looting. Up and down rope holes, ladders and stairs!
· Play sound alert when damaged, full mana, Player / GM on screen, messaged or moved.
· Reduce CPU usage to zero while game is minimized.
· Relogin after server save.
· Rune creator and mana trainer. Multiple options when out of runes, alert, logoff or train.
· See through floors, walls and ceilings.
· Show experience needed for the next level.
· Single click multi-shot runes and fishing.
· Commercial Channel helper.
· Professional GUI with many skins available!


· Tibia



Python 2.4.4 download

We are pleased to announce the release of Python 2.4.4 (FINAL) a patch version of Python 2.4, on 18 October, 2006.

Important: 2.4.4 includes a security fix (PSF -2006- 001) to the repr () of unicode strings in large Unicode builds (UCS -4)

Python 2.4 is now in bugfix mode only, no new features are being added. At least 80 bugs were crushed since Python 2.4.3,
including a number of bugs and errors found by potential with Coverity and Klocwork static analysis tools. We would like to
we offer our thanks to these two companies to make this available to open source.

Python is a programming language remarkably powerful dynamic that is used in a wide variety of application domains. python
It is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Ruby, Scheme or Java. Some of its key features include:

* Very clear, readable syntax
* Strong ability to introspection
* Intuitive object orientation
* Natural expression of procedural code
* Full modularity, supporting hierarchical packages
* Based on exception errors of manipulation
* Kinds of very high level of dynamic data
* Extensive standard libraries and third party modules for virtually every task
* Extensions and modules easily written in C, C + + (or Java for Jython, or. NET languages ​​for IronPython)
* Embedded within applications as a scripting interface



Tibia Red Bot 10.78 Download

You often do not have time to play? Exp alone would grow, and you can have a little skill, and useful to help you?
Looking for the perfect, undetectable bot? FOUND IN about to go BOT RED. Bot free to Tibia and worthy of the fallen deputy NeoBot.

Alarms: Make sure you have a player on your screen if someone is attacking you, if your HP / MP / Cap / Other are low, all with 2 clicks!
Advanced Healer: use spells, potions, runes based on your Health or Mana character, exactly or percentages.
Tools: Auto-Spells, Hunting Tools, Anti-idle, Auto-Fishing, Sio friend, others.
Cavebot Hunting wherever you want, buy / sell items to NPCs, deposit items in your deposit and more, 100% afk!
Segmentation: Use a specific attack mode, which spells you want to use this monster hunt running from them or reach them!
Loot: The Gathering only the loots you want, for specified backpack, automatic identification of items!
Advanced Trainer: You can choose to train with Slimes, Monks, players or any other monster with just a few clicks!
HUD: Check the basic information from your game and your character directly on your screen!
... And a lot more functions and benefits ... if you want to read more of them, click on the text below.

It's all just in Bot Red

-Or Maybe you have very few fish?
-Bot Is still young, still expanding and growing in strength
-Spell Caster, food eater and many others

Download link:


Tibia Auto 10.78 download

TibiaAuto has long been used bot among the players who do not have the intention to pay for the macro.
TibiaAuto was and how to ensure autrozy - remain free. Many interesting features,
clean interface make the bot is perfect for less experienced players. Automatic Botting Grande.
We can configure almost all TibiaAuto allows us unlimited manipulation of parameters.
Here are some features:


Tools Cave bot (Self attack) - Autoexpienie.
UH Auto - Automatically Use of runes UH or IH
Fluid drinker - automatic use Mana fluid.
Ammo restack - Create ammo Palladin and raising arms
Show map - shows map.
Enable light - alloy light hack.
Auto grouping - Automatic grouping of objects (for example, instead of 2x 4x 2 fish goes fishing.)
add objects to each other, if the August.
Rune creator - Twozenie Runek.
Spell Caster - Entering the values ​​given above mana spell you type, or treatment
Under the spell of HP. Also to train Magic level.
Auto him / log - Alarm, way off paranoia, if you will have the GM, monster, man,
when we have less mana, life, there are no blanks, etc ...
Fish Auto - Auto half as fish.
Auto Answer - automatic deductions.
Food Eater - automatically eat foods that have opened in BP.
Information Char - Displays news about our business.
Monsters - Shows where there is the monster, man, also the top level and down! Very useful!
Trade Monitor - to monitor the trade channel
Information Creature - information about monsters, people
Load confing - From there you can load a saved on the hard confing
Save confing - From there you can save on your tibiauto CONFIGURATION



Tibiacam TV 10.78 / 10.78 cam Tibia / Tibia cast 10.78

Tibiacam TV is a program for playing and recording movies in Tibia format
.cam. I am seen on April 18 this year.

Official website of the program:

1. Advantages and disadvantages of the program.
* Acceleration of the film,
* Removal of 30 seconds in the back while playing,
* Series of commands (see later in this guide)
* Jump to any time
* The option to upload video to the home page of the program where it is generated.
The description shows all the informations about the film - who recorded it, how many
monsters were killed, the missions were made during recording and many others.

Download a program from here:

* Download Tibiacam tv
* Start the file you married:
* Select the language for the installation and select the directory where you install a program (optional).
* Requires 2.2 MB free disk space.



Tibia Maps 10.78 full

list map

Draconia, Fibula, Isle of Solitude, Isle of Kings, Isle of Evil, Island of Destiny, Meluna, Travora, Temple of light, Rookgaard
Fields of glory, Elvenbane, Shadow Caves, Hellgate, Ghostland, Femor hills, Ulderek'r Rock, Dwarven Bridge, Paradox Tower,
Magician Tower, Outlaw Camp, Dark Cathedral, Pits of Hell, Plains of Havoc, Green Claw Swamp, Dragon Spawns, Elf Camp, Ancient Temple
Mintwalin, Cave Trolls, White Flower Temple, Eremo island, Cormaya Cyclopolis, Hero Cave, Drefia, Plague Spike, Devourer, Kha'labal
Serpentine Tower, Kha'zeel, Banuta, Trapwood, Forbidden lands, Vandura, Meriana, Nargor, Treasure island, lagoon islands, Goroma
Ramoa, Lich Hell, Nibelor, Grimlund, Helheim, Okolnir, Tyrsung, Yalahar, Zao, Vengoth, Gray beach, The Hive m Fiehonja


1. responsible TibiaMaps:

2. Disable Tibia.
3. Install our maps.
4. Registers the Tibi and we like to have found all the lands of Tibia.


Tibia MC 10.78

Tibia MC Through it intends to incorporate multiple clients simultaneously tibia.

Using the program is simple.

-TibiaMC.exe Unzip and paste the file into the folder with the tibia.
-Run The extracted file.
'Now, run the file / shortcut TibiaMC tibia and involve as many as you need!

Download Link:


Windbot Tibia 10.78 Download

* Easy to use

WindBot is intuitive and very easy to use! Even a first-time-botter will be able to get the bot running with a few clicks.

* High Exp / h

Because WindBot is smarter than you should have an instant bump in their exp / rate.

* Script Compatibility

iBot to WindBot Converter lets you use your old scripts iBot. Load, set up and run, simple as that!

* Big Profit

Our loot system reaches 100% accuracy in most hunting scenarios, making your extremely efficient hunting!

* Impressive HUDs

HUD system runs very fast and allows you to draw all kinds of things.

* Use Zero CPU

Combining WindBot with Customer Addons wind you will be able to run multiple clients at about zero, CPU usage *



Xenobot Tibia 10.78 Download

You welcome! Today, briefly introduces the basic functions you XenoBota!

Let's start from the beginning. After XenoBota to our customer PPM click on the "gray stripes" on the side of our window with Tibia, then we will be one XenoBota simple menu.

Description of configurations:

1. Definitions for treatment
2. Tools -. LightHack eg, x-ray, etc.
3. The useful tool for all types of PK
4. Options related to the HUD - information on the screen - for example. Exp / h, Mobs dead counters etc.
5. Environment attacking monsters
6. Settings Cavebot - waypoints etc.
7. Environment collecting monsters items
8. Settings for. Navigate bot
9. Ability to define special places that bot will jump
10. All types of alarms
11. configurations Save / Load
12. Ability to perform scripts in .lua format

Download XenoBot:

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